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Dhobighat, Ring Road Lalitpur (Near Honda Motor Showroom)

periodic check

Periodic Check We have a full vehicle checkup form that we go through on your vehicle - the asessment covers as many parts of your vehicle as possible. If you are wanting to buy or sell a vehicle or simply need to know - this Full Checkup is for you. The purpose of this asessment is for you to have your vehicle fully assessed by specialists who know the inner workings of a Land Rover. We will give a clear report on what the condition of the vehicle parts are. This report is a stand-alone product, you can take the report back to the seller for negotiation purposes, ask us to repair various items listed or go home and do them yourself - there is no further obligation. We can not give a warranty or assurance that the vehicle is going to be reliable, we can, however, advise on the vehicle's history and possible future problems based on the asessment. Using this information, you can choose your way forward.

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Dhobighat, Ring Road Lalitpur (Near Honda Motor Showroom)